Here at RNJ Gas, we are a small company based in Surrey, established in 2008. Our services cover heating and plumbing, and we can offer repair services, boiler installations and supply landlord gas safety certificates. As part of our range of services, we offer boiler maintenance.

Our boiler maintenance services means we can inspect your boiler to make sure it is in full working condition, and carry out any necessary work to make sure it’s performing to the highest standards. Gas boiler maintenance ensures that the lifespan of our boiler will increase, avoiding costly replacements, saving you money so you don’t need a new boiler installed.

As part of the boiler maintenance service, we can also individually service your fire for just £78.00. When combined with the back boiler, this costs £140.00, and servicing standard condensing boilers costs £96.00. With fully transparent pricing, we can also provide landowners with a gas safety certificate for up to two appliances for just £96.00

It is a legal requirement for owners renting their properties to have their gas appliances such as boilers checked every year to demonstrate the property is safe for tenants. Obtaining a gas safety certificate provides the documented evidence you need, as well as peace of mind for your tenants.


Fires £65.00

Standard condensing Boilers £80.00

Back boiler and fire £95.00

Landlord gas safety certificate- Up to two appliances £80.00

If you require a service or have a breakdown you need seeing to, please don’t hesitate to call or email.